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Tony Tarantino

Born in Queens, New York, July 4th, 1940 to Dominic and Elizabeth Tarantino and was raised in Brooklyn. In 1952, the family, which included sister Diane, moved to Los Angeles, California. Tony graduated from L.A.'s Washington High School in 1958. He then auditioned for and was accepted to the Pasadena Playhouse, graduating in 1960. He caught the "acting bug" from his father, who in the early thirties appeared in several westerns with stars such as Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Tom Mix, Hoot Gibson and Fred Thompson. During the 60s and 70s Tony acquired many skills. He received his general aviation pilot license for single and multi-engine rating; became proficient in Western quick draw and won awards for excellent marksmanship with handguns and rifles; his Martial Arts training earned him a black belt in Karate and Kung-Fu; and as a member of Malibu Roving Archers he became skilled with a bow and arrow. While a student at the Pasadena Playhouse, where he learned modern dance and fencing, he worked for tips playing guitar and singing folk songs in local coffeehouses. His love for music led him to form several bands, playing lead, rhythm and bass guitar and singing in supper clubs and night-clubs in Los Angeles and the South Bay area.  READ MORE...


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